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December 14, 2011 / throughtherainbow

baby lights and twins

I was walking with my friend one day we went to her house and I saw the most beautiful lights I had ever seen , she could not seem them as they where only visable to me and at first I wondered why I could see so many, it soon became apparent I walked into the kitchen to see her mother standing there with her friend who was crying and in a state, I looked at her and I knew it was over a baby, my friend asked what was wrong but her mum told her not to be nosey and to go and play upstairs as girls at 13 years old we thought we where far to mature to do that, so we stayed and we heard the woman say “its never going to happen for us I will never be a mum”
At that point I looked at her and said what do you mean your already pregnant!
She looked at me and looked at my friends mum and asked me what I meant and I went red, I was worried I would be in trouble so I said nothing, and said sorry but she wanted the story so I told her what I saw and my friend laughed at me and told me not to be silly.
With what I had said the woman left and slammed the door and I got told off by my friends mum.
3 hours later the lady returned for me but I had gone home, she came to find me, and said to me how did you know?
I shrugged my shoulders afraid she would think I was mad if I told her, see she had gone to take a pregnancy test and it had been positive!
8 months later she had healthy twins just as I had said!

December 11, 2011 / throughtherainbow

The golden light

I was around 10 years old when this happened I was sitting in the living room watching television and my mothers friend walked into the house, she spoke to me and we had small talk and I was aware of beautiful swirling light in her tummy yes she was pregnant and she knew it, the baby was only a few weeks from being born I was playing with my toys when suddenly my other guide zinna  came to me and told me to look close at the pregnant tummy to place my hands on the tummy gently and feel, and that I had to tell Marie what I felt and my mother it was very important.

I did as my guide asked and I was shaking, I felt trapped as if air was running low and knew something was wrong with her baby, she had told my mother that the baby had not moved in a few days, and these where the days when my family did not know about my special gift.

I looked at my mothers friend and I looked up at her and I told her she needed to go to hospital now, she just smiled and told me it would be okay but I knew it would not, so the angels and eddy told me to do what I knew was wrong and shout and scream and tell her about my gift so I did, I screamed at her that the angels said her baby would die if she did not get to hospital now.

my mum was angry with me for saying such things, but it was enough to scare her friend she went to hospital and found out that the placenta was slowly shutting down, a few more hours and the baby would have died and to this day me and her daughter have a special bond she says she feels safe around me………more experiences later……….